Custom Cameos in Mount Your Friends

If you want to put a cameo of yourself in the game, it's easy! Just use the templates below as a guide to drawing/pasting your face into the game!

The following template images outline the size and layout of images you can make to change the head or body of climbers

Faces are 128x128 transparent pngs while changing the rest of the bodies is a 512x512 png file with transparency. Putting your new files in custom_heads or custom_bodies folders within the game's steam directory will allow the team customizer to see these images. Then it's a simple matter of going to the team customizer in game and making a team using these heads using import head or import body.
Note that custom heads and bodies are not visible to online players unless they have the same image file in their custom_heads or custom_bodies directories.

Customizing Control Graphics in Mount Your Friends

Built into Mount Your Friends are control mechanisms for keyboard/mouse, as well as XBox360 controllers (or controllers that emulate 360 controllers). If you find yourself using another controller (such as through a 360 controller emulator) and need to change the prompts that show up on your limbs, this is the thread for you!

Mount Your Friends lets you import your own images for controller buttons, all you have to do is make images that match the format of those below, and put them in your Mount Your Friends steam directory. For buttons, the files to be added are called custom_buttons_32.png and custom_buttons_64.png, while if you have a non-standard keyboard setup the files to create are custom_keys_1.png and custom_keys_2.png

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